This is a short description of general skills in the board game Blood Bowl. See Blood Bowl Skill List for more Blood Bowl skills.


Having the Block skill makes the player unaffected by the "Block" result on the Block Dice, both in defence and attack. This will reduce the chance of being knocked over during a block by 1/6 (for one die).


A player can use this skill against stronger opponents. When trying to block an opponent with more strength, the player's coach roll two dice. If the sum is greater that the opponent's strength value, the dauntless player's strength is counted as equal to his opponent's for this block, before bonuses are added for assists.

Dirty Player

A dirty player knows all the dirty tricks. If he fouls an opposing player, he gets a +2 bonus to both armour and injury rolls. The skill can only be used if the player is actually fouling, assisting is not enough.

Variant: The Blood Bowl leagues I have played have all thought this skill to be overkill. To counter this, special injury rules can be implemented:
If any major injury is inflicted (10+ on two dice), another unmodified d6 is rolled:
1-3: Badly Hurt
4-5: Seriously Injured
6: Dead
This doesn't reduce the number of casualties scored, so it isn't a disadvantage for the team with dirty players. But now, there are much less chances of getting the horrible result "Dead". (Always have your apothecary around... :)

Personal experience with this skill: Dirty players do a lot of casualties, so they gain a lot of Star Player Points. Nonetheless, all opposing coaches will hate them, so they are target numero uno for being brutally thrown into the crowds.
Personally, I never use this skill, as I'd much rather make my team better than cripple the opposing team.


When blocking, a player with frenzy must follow up if he gets a pushback result. He will continue to block until a) at least one of the players are knocked over, or b) he runs out of movement points.

Tactics suggestion: A favoured tactic of mine is to use frenzy to push other players into the crowds. Blitz anyone foolish enough to be standing 1-4 squares from the sideline (or further away if you feel confident), using frenzy to push them out of the field. Very useful way of getting rid of players. (Note: Pushing a player into the crowds automatically injures that player. Blood Bowl spectators aren't nice. :-)


A player with this skill gives the coach a leader re-roll each half, which can be used just as normal team re-rolls. A leader re-roll can only be used while a player with leader is on the field. Only one leader re-roll is granted per half, even if the team has several leaders.


If a player with Kick can perform a kick-off, the number of squares the ball deviates before landing is halved (rounded down). To use this skill (do the kick), the player must be set up on the field, and must not be on the Line of Scrimmage or in either Wide Zone.

Personal note: I've always seen this as an extremely useful skill, but not quite worth taking instead of other useful ones, like Block, Dodge or whatever.


A player with tackle negates the Dogde skill of opposing players in his Tackle Zone. As long as the opposing player is in his Tackle Zone, may not use Dodge to a) defend against a Block from this player, or b) re-roll an attempt to Dodge out this player's Tackle Zone.

Pass Block

A player with this skill may move up to three squares when the opposing player announces a Pass (throws the ball). This free move is made after range has been measured, but before interception attempts. The opposing coach is not allowed to change his mind about the throw after seeing the move.

Tactic/Personal note: This skill can be used to place players in posision for interception, or to add Tackle Zones to thrower or catcher. There are so many other more useful skills, that I have never ever seen a player use this skill... :)


A player with Pro may try to re-roll any one dice roll every team turn. Once the decision have been made to use the skill, a d6 is rolled. On a result of 4-6, the original roll can be re-rolled. On 1-3, the original roll cannot be re-rolled by any means, even another skill or team re-roll.


A player with shadowing may attempt to follow an opposing player leaving his Tackle Zone. This is done by rolling a d6 and adding the player's Movement Allowance. The opposing coach does the same for his player. If the shadowing player gets a higher total than the opposing player, he can move into the square just vacated. Any number of shadowing attempts can be made each turn, and this does not affect movement in the player's turn. A shadowing player does not have to make Dodge rolls.

Strip Ball

A player with this skill will force any opponent he pushes back to drop the ball in the square they are pushed to (even if not knocked over).

A player with Sure Hands are immune against this skill.

Sure Hannds

A player with this skill is immune to the effects of the Strip Ball skill. In addition, the player is allowed a re-roll if he fails to pick up the ball.

Nerves Of Steel

A player with this skill can ignore the negative modifiers from enemy Tackle Zones when passing or catching the ball.

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