This is a short description of Passing skills in the board game Blood Bowl. They all have to do with passing the ball. See Blood Bowl Skill List for more Blood Bowl skills.


This skill gives the player a +1 modifier to all Pass actions.

Dump Off

Allows the player to perform a Quick Pass when an opposing player declares a block against him. Normal rules apply for the pass, except that no turnover may happen because of it.

Hail Mary Pass

Allows the player to pass the ball to any square on the field, without measuring range. The coach rolls a d6, and on a 1, the player fumbles, scattering the ball once. On any other result, the ball is thrown inaccurately, thus scattering three times from the target square before landing. A Hail Mary Pass may never be intercepted.

Tactics note: Try combining this skill with Diving Catch.


Gives the player a re-roll of any failed Pass attempt.

Safe Throw

Can only be used if an opponent player has successfully intercepted a pass made by the player with this skill. The coach rolls a d6. On a 1, the interception takes place as normal, otherwise the interception failed.

Personal opinion: Interceptions take place so rarely (unless you're playing against elves) that this skill is probably a waste.

Strong Arm

Reduces the range by one category when passing the ball (but never shorter than Quick Pass).

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