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Bob Ricci (pronounced “Ritchie”) is a self-published parody artist from Rhode Island. Quite talented and possessing a great sense of humor, Bob has this to say about himself:

“When I'm not Bob Ricci the parody artist, I'm Bob Ricci the manager of a pewter goods manufacturing company. I'm 27 years old. I graduated from the University of Rhode Island, and I majored in Psychology. I don’t really have any desire to record 'serious' songs. Maybe that might change one day but for now, this is what I enjoy.”

Bob and his band (which consists of himself and three other members) tour the Rhode Island area playing live concerts, though the reach of his music hasn’t stopped there.

Featured on the ebaum’s world website (the single “Internet Love Song,” called “She Blocked Me” on ebaum’s, is a parody of Puddle of Mudd’s “She Hates Me”), among other places, Bob’s music has developed a huge following. Although most of his music is free for the listening on through his website, Bob has no qualms about encouraging fans to purchase his albums through his web store.

In addition to being a person, Bob Ricci is also a performing group that consists of Joe Alba, Nate Cartier, Joe Ricci, and… well, Bob Ricci.

Also on the lineup on an as-needed basis are Robert Dibenedetto and John Sullivan on keyboards and Audra Napolitano playing the trumpet.

All original and parody works were written by Bob Ricci himself; he keeps the others around because he likes the sound of a live band in a concert. A sampling of his work includes:

Currently, Bob has two albums: Not a Christmas Album and Get a Life. Even the albums' cover art is a parody... Get a Life's art is similar to Sum 41's All Killer No Filler.

Check him out at bobricci.com

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