Body Mint is a product manufactured by a Hawaiian company called, you guessed it, Hawaiian Organics. The product is an alternative/supplement to traditional forms of (human) deodorizing. It is said to work from head to toes:

  • Breath
  • Underarms
  • Genitals
  • Feet

The website for the product adds that Body Mint was developed for the people of Hawaii and their active lifestyles in the hot and humid weather; but, it works in any climate! Apparently it will work within 4 days of first use, if taken as directed. It has one interesting side effect: it will turn your stool very dark. This is due to the high levels of cholrophyllin, as the product is a plant derivative.


A bottle will run you $20 for the first, and $15 for any additional, and will supply you with 60 tablets per bottle.

No, I don't use the product, but it looks pretty interesting. It might be a good alternative to most deodorants/antiperspirants, whose aluminum-zirconium blend has been known to induce cancer in the lymph nodes. The official website claims that Body Mint is safe, although they are very light on details. Caveat emptor.

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