also spelled Bok Choy
A Chinese vegetable of the cabbage family, which has thick, bulging, whitish stalks and dark green leaves.

The whole thing is edible! don't throw out the stalks, but put them in soup, stock, or stir-frys. the greens are good, of course, everywhere greens are good: alone, wilted; stir-fried; in soup. Be creative, as this is the only way food will yield to you its magic, and the only way you will learn to love the ingredients and respect them as the givers of your life.

Oh fuck, I sound new-agey. Please listen, i mean what i say and i am not a flake. This (food) is a rich source of enjoyment, if enjoying your life is what you like to do. So pay attention!

How Many Ways Can You Say "Bok Choi/Choy"?

bok choy = Chinese chard = Chinese white cabbage = Chinese cabbage = Chinese mustard cabbage = pak choy = pak choi = baak choi = white mustard cabbage = yow choy = white celery mustard = taisai

Pronunciation: BAHK-choy

Notes: Small heads of bok choy are called baby bok choy. Of the baby bok choys, bok choy sum = Canton bok choy has small yellow flowers (sum is the Chinese word for flower), while Shanghai bok choy is uniformly a bright, light green, doesn't have flowers, and isn't as sweet.

Is it good for you? Of course it is. Look at this: fat and cholesterol free, low in calories (about 10 for a 1 1/2 cups raw), and a good source of vitamin C (45% of daily requirements) and A (10%).

So do as ideath says. Everybody else always does!

Oh, and for a steamed, vinegared dish that uses bok choy see Penne with Chipotle Tofu, Vinegared Cabbages, Peppers and Onion.

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