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Say it out loud.


Wasn't that fun? There is nothing I like more than talking about Bok Globules. It's so fun. Say it three times fast. HA HA HA. It never gets old either.

But anyway. A Bok globule is the dense core of a Barnard object. They are made of 74% H, 25% He, and 1% metals. Bok Globules are dark nebular regions in the sky. They are the home of protoplids, the birthplace of stars, a stellar nursery. They are the only place dense enough, 100-10000 particles per cubic centimeter, to have the gravitational attraction necessary to form a protoplid. They are named after the Dutch astronomer Bart Bok. They were decribed as "holes in the heavens" by early astronomers. They are several times bigger than our solar system.

And they are fun to say, HeHeHe.

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