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Note to readers: Spoilers on the Yu Yu Hakusho series are contained within this writeup.

In the series Yu Yu Hakusho, she is the paddle riding Grim Reaper, employed by Koenma (ruler of Spirit World). She first meets Yusuke Urameshi after he is hit by a car while saving a child from certain death, and is assigned to guide Yusuke back to the living world by Koenma.

As the story progresses, Yusuke regains his life, and Botan is ordered by Koenma to recruit Yusuke as spirit detective (basically nab unruly demons and keep order) due to his newly awakened awareness of the spirit world. Botan's job is to serve as a guide and help Yusuke to complete his missions.

Throughout the first mission (recover the stolen Orb of Baast, Forlorn Hope and Shadow Sword from Guoki, Kurama and Hiei, respectively), she provided the detective with various items to help him in his mission (Concentration Ring), and she pulled him out of some tough situations (Guoki would have pummeled Yusuke into oblivion, but Botan saved him...), and provided indispensable advice.

On the second mission, Yusuke had to participate in the Genkai tournament (Botan gave him boxing tickets...) to prevent a demon, Rando, from getting Genkai's powers. She first meets Kuwabara during this tournament (Kuwabara has a crush on her...), and she aids the detective until Rando is nabbed.

Next, right after Yusuke's six months of training with Genkai, four "Saint Beasts" decide that they want to expand out from their City of Ghosts and Apparitions, and release Makaai insects on the Earth. Yusuke is again recruited by Botan to defeat the four demon lords, but this time Kuwabara joins in as an ally (as well as Hiei and Kurama), and attack Maze Castle. Botan stays behind to combat the Makaai plague (and ends up protecting Yuskue's girlfriend, Keiko, from Makaai posessed teachers).

That is about as far as Cartoon Network got to in the series, so stay tuned...
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