Bowling for Soup is a pop punk band that first formed in 1994 and finally hit it big in 2002 with their hit single 'Girl All the Bad Guys Want' (from the album Drunk Enough to Dance). Subsequent singles did so-so, but in 2004 they hit another home-run with the singles '1985' and 'Almost' from the album A Hangover You Don't Deserve, and again--perhaps to a lesser extent--in 2006 with 'High School Never Ends' from The Great Burrito Extortion Case. They did other songs, but you probably haven't heard them unless you're a big fan. That's how the music industry works these days.

I like pop. I like punk. Bowling for Soup brings the two together better than most. Their hits are hits for good reason, and the rest of their music is no worse than most of what you hear on the radio. In addition to their original music, they've done some fun covers--Fergie's 'London Bridge' (oh, snap!) Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs's 'Li'l Red Riding Hood' (perhaps not as good as the original), the The Ramones' 'I Wanna be Naked' (What? That's not the original title?)

Their music and music videos tend to lament the problems of teenaged life--not being cool enough to get the hot punk chick, getting picked on in high school and then again in real life, and so on--but they do it irreverently rather than the unmitigated rage of some bands. They are named after Steve Martin's 'Bowling for Shit', after all.


Jaret Reddick is the lead vocalist, plays the rhythm guitar, and co-wrote many of their songs, including their three biggest hits. Erik Chandler does backing vocals and bass. Chris Burney plays lead guitar and provides backing vocals. Lance Morril played drums and provided backing vocals until 1998 when he left, and was replaced by drummer Gary Wiseman.

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