An early Tex-Mex band, who only had one real hit, the garage rock classic Wooly Bully (which reached number 2 on the American charts in 1965),they consisted of Domingo Samudio (organ, vocals), Ray Stinnet (guitar), David Martin (bass), Jerry Patterson (drums) and Butch Gibson (sax).

While they are the classic examples of one hit wonders their one hit is a great one, and appears on many 'classic rock' compilations, as well as being referenced almost as frequently as Louie, Louie as an archetypal example of great rock dumbness by Frank Zappa.

Shro0m informs me that Li'l Red Riding Hood was also a 'hit' for the band, so they weren't one-hit wonders. Shows what happens when you trust the Nuggets liners ;)

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