A small town in the south east of Friesland, a northern province of The Netherlands. Population will reach one thousand in coming years. The town consists of a supermarket, a museum of antiques and two bars. Tourist attractions include the typical bell cage near the town's only (Protestant) church and the richly forested countryside.

Tourists tend to come here for the peace and quiet. A company in the village rents bungalows and keeps a camping site. The town consists of a main street (called Boylerweg - street of Boyl), which is a few kilometers long. Follow the road to the north and you'll end up in the next village called Elsloo. To the south lies Noordwolde. Walk or drive less than a kilometer eastwards to cross the province border of Friesland and Drenthe, which crosses a large forest here.

Boyl lies on the boundary of a protected nature area called Nationaal Park Drents-Friese Wold.

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