In addition to Yahoo! Games, Stocks, Quotes, Groups, Clubs... etc, etc, there's now:

Yahoo! Gerbil

Located at, Yahoo! Gerbil presents the life of a gerbil. Beginning today, on Channel 5 (UK), this little gerbil is going to advertise Yahoo! on the nightly movie. They haven't thought of a name yet, but out of Brian, Clive, Dillon, Eugene, Hugo, Malcolm, Norman, Percy, Sebastian, and Warren, Warren is the favourite. They hope to have a Webcam set up soon, and apparently
There is a Yahoo! Camera crew on site to document the daily activities of the gerbil, and it will be there for the next 12 months! What happens if the gerbil meets some untimely demise? Are there any contingancy plans for this event, such as quietly swapping 'Warren' for 'Brian', another gerbil from the same litter? Thanks for your email! We rather hope our little friend will live to a ripe old age and to make sure he does he's getting 5 star treatment!

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