In the UK we are very unfortunate, up to about 1996 we had four free tv channels, they were mainly ok in the programs they had on, only now do we fully appreciate the quality and effort that is put in these stations. Advertisments went up for channel 5 as a revoulutionary new tv channel, the thing was they were lying. You are considered lucky if you can see more than 50% of the image through the cloud of bad transmission. Not that the programs should be watched. The channel is full of celebs who were hits years ago, eg Suggs and Roseanne, and can't get any better work, or generally shit and annoying presenters who have just been picked up off the street. The only good thing i can find with the tv channel are the occasional football matches but they only ever involve Leeds as this is where the producers of channel 5 surfaced from. Anyone else in England has a 99% chance of agreeing with me unless they don't like football then make it 100%, oh by the way 100% is one of their crappie quiz shows, but don't ever be tempted to watch this channel.

Channel 5 is in fact, for those who appreciate crap-yet-wonderful shows like Xena, Warrior Princess and Hercules, a great channel. They show the very best in low-grade television. And you've gotta love ideas like Fort Boyard:

'I know, lets make a program which is just like the Crystal Maze only cheaper and with Melinda Messenger presenting, and all the contestants wearing revealing skin-tight outfits... '

And then they come up with 'documentary' serieses about 'the history of sex in hotels,' and have evenings of programmes devoted to nudity.

Genius. I won't hear a bad word said against Channel 5.

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