An electric plastic tricycle invented by Sir Clive Sinclair, which could manage a top speed of 15mph, or 20mph if going down a steep hill with a trailing wind.

Although the C5 was a complete flop in the UK, it seems to have gained popularity in The Netherlands.

The Sinclair C5 has regained some prominence since Robot Wars came on television: Most of the robots which aren't powered by weelchair motors seem to be powered by C5 motors. It's really quite impressive that the motors have lasted this long, but I would still be hard-pressed not to laugh if I saw someone actually driving one on the street.

All the complete C5s I've seen have been parked inconspicuously with a big advert for some fitness club on the back.

Alas, while Sir Clive invented several truly wondrous things, the C5 is probably not one of them.

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