dr's Hospital Adventure

I'm in my twenties and up until July had never had any stitches and had never broken any bones. Now I've done both at once. I fractured my C5 vertebrae while camping on the August long weekend but walked around with it for 4 days (I didn't know, really).

One of my friends was visiting me with his roommates the other day and I was all proud because I had had a shower that morning by myself for the first time since my operation a few days before.

"What did you do before then?"
It was one of the roommates being curious. I didn't really mind as it's nice to have people talk to.

"Well the first couple of days it was just a face cloth like wash. The next day was a shower with three nurses."

His eyes grew wide as I could see him envisioning every guy's wildest fantasy; a hot, steamy shower with three hot nurses. Before he could even ask any questions I continued.

"No, it's not like that. You sit on this portable chair and get really cold, even though the water is warm. The nurses are fully clothed, and have no intention of getting wet. They only want to clean you. They are scrubbing, not 'rubbing' and are not in the least bit interested in getting 'dirty' with you. And even if they were, two of them were as old as your mother."

Of course, he look immediately changed, but I could see that he still thought it was a great fantasy. Hey, who wouldn't, at least until you've lived it.

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