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"Mmmmmmm. Unnnh. MMMM. I betcha I'm the first real country boy you've had the pleasure of pleasing, darlin'."

A muffled "uh-huh!" punctuated the young lady's slurping, and occasional mild choking noises.

Meanwhile, three stories up in the same building a woman lay nude upon her bed, reading a book of poems by Maya Angelou.

"Ahhh... arghh. Oooh, I like that a lot." The man was obviously enjoying the young lady's attentions.

"Darlin'," he said, "you're gonna have to help me with a few of the, the, oooooooooohwhee, ah, problems I'm having with the Republican bastard. Could you go over to the W-W-W-Watergate and invite yourself into his suite and do this for him, too. I know fer sure he'll like how you look and what you can do, baby."

Another muffled "uh-huh" came from the woman on her knees under the desk.

Back upstairs, the woman reading the poetry began gently stroking her clitoris, labia and vulva.

Three young ladies surrounded the "client" on the king-size bed in his opulent condo. One was dressed like a nurse. Another had been instructed to don sensible shoes, a knee-length wool skirt, white blouse and eyeglasses; she was, ostensibly, a teacher. The third was dressed in thrift-store chic, worn and tattered; she was also so thin as to look emaciated.

The ruler made a loud slapping sound on the buttocks of the teacher. "You bad, bad girl. Daddy's going to have to teach you a lesson."

His hands trembled as he continued, his gaze blazing through the young woman like a laser beam aimed at a piece of rice paper. "You're not going to ask for a raise for another twenty years, are you, bitch?!"

"No, daddy, no. And all I'll give my students to learn with will be cheap."

The client continued masturbating vigorously, occasionally gesturing to one or another of the call-girls to take over.

"What else?!!" The client's tone of voice rose, demanding.

"All I'll do is prepare them for useless, unfunded standardized testing..." her voice drifted off.

The client turned his attention to the nurse. Sweat poured from his bald pate.

"What about you, you poor excuse for a professional?!!!"

"I'll never, ever, ever work in a free clinic again, so long as I shall live. I will only care for the rich and privileged. To hell with the Hippocratic Oath."

He then bound the nurse's arms and legs with a stethoscope and some rubber tubing.

Across town, the man's face was turning red and he was obviously nearing release.

Upstairs, the woman's body trembled as she floated in and out of her own relentless pleasure. She cried out loud with ecstasy, the book of poems still clutched in her free hand.

Downstairs, the man asked the young lady, "Are you happy pleasing the ruler of all the world, and king of the universe?"

Yet another muffled "uh-huh" came from under the desk.

The client slapped the emaciated young woman lightly on the face. "And what do you have to say for yourself?!!"

"Daddy, I promise to pay my taxes on time although it will cause the malnutrition of my children and cause me to eventually end up homeless! If I can't find another minimum wage monotonous and demeaning job, I will eventually commit suicide so as not to be an annoying pox upon society!"

"AAAAAAAARRRRGH!" Cried the client as he climaxed. Shortly thereafter, out of breath, he grabbed his chest and breathed heavily. "One a you ladies better call 9-1-1. I think I'm having a heart attack."

Across town, the young lady sat before the man, swabbing at a stain on her dress with a tissue.

"Should I buzz the kitchen for some club soda, darlin?"

She got up and poured herself a bourbon, neat. She gasped as she downed it all at once. "Nope. No. It's not necessary. I've gotta go over to the Watergate..."

Upstairs, the woman pressed a speed-dial button on the huge phone console beside her bed.


"Hello, Maya?"

"Why, sweetheart, what're you calling so late at night for?"

The woman asked hesitantly, "Can you tell me the title that you proposed for the b-b-b-b-ook I'm writing?" (Her body writhed in ecstasy.)

The voice at the other end of the telephone uttered, "Why, you should know that by now. 'It takes a village.'"

The woman repeated the words of the voice at the other end, "It... Takes... A... Village..." She dropped the phone as her body shook with one of the most earth-shattering orgasms she'd ever experienced.

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