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The star of a series of video games produced by Accolade for the Super NES, Sega Genesis, and Atari Jaguar. A Gameboy version of the sequel was planned and may or may not have been released. Bubsy 1 was released in 1993 for the SNES and Genesis and starred Bubsy the Bobcat as he travelled through 16 side-scrolling worlds in an attempt to recover his beloved yarn balls and stop the evil Woolies, aliens from the planet Rayon. The twin queens of Rayon, Polly and Esther, had come to Earth to steal all yarn everywhere. Bubsy can jump, glide, and that's about it. Levels include the forest, an amusement park, western world, another forest, national park world, and the Woolies' UFO.

Bubsy 2 was released in 1995. This time around the plot was based on a one-time animated special that aired on Thanksgiving 1994 in which Bubsy had to explore a mysterious museum to rescue his niece and nephew from an evil pig industrialist. However, the game made a classic mistake: if you haven't seen the cartoon, the game will make no sense whatsoever. In the sequel Bubsy can still jump and glide, but now he can also shoot a Nerf gun, wear a wetsuit for safe swimming, and use other items (such as a black hole to leave a level early). The museum is divided into 6 floors, each with the same types of levels: pirate, space, music, pyramid, garden, and Boss level.

The Atari Jaguar version was released just before the Jaguar met its end, but I believe only in a limited capacity. There is not much information available about it, and it seems that all knowledge of this game has been erased from time. If you know anything about it, /msg me and I'll add it here.

The best thing about the Bubsy series was the digitzed sound clips in the game. Before each level Bubsy would make a smartass wisecrack (voiced by comedian Dana Gould). While fun at first, the clips become tedious after hearing them over and over.

Bubsy most parallels another video game released around the same time, Aero the Acrobat. The main characters could almost be interchangable, in my opinion. But then again, both Bubsy and Aero are would-be company mascots starring in their own video games. Some similarities are inevitable, it seems.

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