Bud Selig is a car salesman, who became involved in baseball by buying the Seattle Pilots and then moving them to his home in Milwaukee and renaming them the Brewers. In 1992 he became the interim commissioner for MLB. He presided over the player's strike of 1994 which shortened two seasons and canceled one World Series. He became the ninth official commissioner in 1998 and gave up his ownership of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Many fans were upset by the new appointment. First, he was an owner for 28 years, and many believed that he was incapable of representing the players' and owners' interests equally. In addition, many were not happy about how Selig acted during the strike, failing to achieve a quick end.

As commissioner, Selig has presided over the introduction of interleague play into MLB, a controversial move. However, under Selig baseball has returned to favor as Mark McGwire broke the 61 homer mark.

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