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Welcome to a fundamental node of the Pandeism index!!

It is a reasonable question to set forth, why would "God" (as in the Creator or Deus of Pandeism and comparable models) make itself unable to communicate with the very Universe which it had just become.

Well, imagine that you go bungee jumping one day. There's a bit of risk involved in that activity, so you might wish to have only part of yourself go bungee jumping while the rest of you sits on a rock and watches you bungee jump, holding onto a remote control even, which lets you instantly control what happens, and stop things just as instantly should anything go wrong. But (supposing you had the actual power to do that) the risk itself, which is the very fuel of the pleasure of the experience, the point really, is dissolved -- nothing can actually happen to you because you're not really bungee jumping, you're just sitting there on the rock, watching -- and even the part of you that is doing the jump can not help but be aware, even during the jump, that you're not really jumping, you're just sitting on a rock playing with a remote control. You might as well not even go bungee jumping, you might as well not even leave the house, since you can turn on the TV and just watch someone else bungee jumping and imagine that you're doing it, and get no more out of it than the fake experience of jumping off while sitting on the rock controlling the jump.

Logic demands that a rational Universe must likely be the product of a rational Creator, and so one with a rational (and indeed, compelling) need to create such a Universe, and so a need that can be fulfilled by no less drastic measure -- and, as a number of philosophers have pointed out, the only motivation that so powerful an entity would have would be to obtain some knowledge that could be obtained in no other way, and the most obvious examples of knowledge that such an entity would lack are those inherent in not being such an entity -- what, God might wonder, is it like to not be God? to have only a minute amount of knowledge and power, and be among a community of others sharing the same condition? to face perils without the knowledge of whether they can be overcome, and to strive to overcome them anyway? to succeed in such an uncertain effort? to fail? to not exist at all? to pass through an unimaginably diverse array of such experiences, and to reflect on them without having any knowledge of an omnipotent, omniscient capacity to fall back upon?

Were the Creator of our Universe to remain awake and aware and involved, given its relative omnipotence it would be like the author of a novel, it would be impossible to separate the activities of limited beings within this Universe from its own will; it could not truly know the character of a deity-free Universe; and so the Creator must not only become the Universe, it must become it entirely, devoting every last scintilla of its being to becoming the unconscious force upholding existence for the very purpose of establishing an existence that could be at all useful to it. But unlike the bungee jumping parallel, there is an unknowing experience of real risk and yet no real risk that it could face any permanently injury, for it builds the mechanism for its ultimate eventual regeneration into the fabric of the Universe itself; but for the duration of the existence of the Universe that it becomes, it must place itself in a state wherein it can exert no conscious control, nor even congeal a conscious opinion (which it might unintentionally manifest) over the experience of that Universe, so that the experience will imbue it with the very knowledge for which it sets out.

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