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Burger Star is a small chain of Burger Bar style fast food restaurants. Founded in 1981 in Gloucester and Cheltenham (Gloucestershire, England), it is in my opinion how fast food should be. They are located in six towns in Gloucestershire (Cheltenham, Gloucester Stroud, Ross-On-Wye, Tewkesbury and Cirencester) and are keen to expand. The restaurants themselves are small, with only one or two very small tables surrounded by bar stool style chairs. They also generally contain a gambling machine of some kind.

What makes Burger Star so good is a) the service, b) the food and c) the relishes. The service is always excellent, the staff are well-trained and always helpful, even going out of their way to make life easier for you (for instance often if you find yourself ten pence short for a meal, they will often cover it for you). The food is excellent. The menu is huge, even compared to such giants as Mc Donalds or Burger King. It contains everything from the humble hamburger to the megastar (a huge triple cheese three quarter pounder), and also includes a variety of pizza, chicken and vegetarian dishes. It also has the best fries in existence. They are not the thin, underdone, cold, flavourless things you get at Mc Donalds or Burger King, they are thick (about 0.5 cm squared), well cooked, and taste amazing, they have a very addictive flavour, and it is easy to eat more than you mean to of these. All the food is cooked to order, which means you have about a 3-5 minute waiting time, which still counts as fast, but gets you very good quality, piping hot food. The relishes are another innovation, along one side there a seven self service, free, relish pumps, they include: Mayonnaise, corn relish, hamburger relish, ketchup, blue cheese and the almighty garlic mayonnaise, which is perhaps the best tasting food in the world when spread on a cheeseburger, or with chips dipped in it. I also like to mix it with the mustard (also free), which gives an amazing flavour experience.

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