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Somebody who has the initials CBE next to them is a Commander in The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. It is awarded to for public service or other distinctions.

The Original Badge was a cross patonce of silver-gilt. The arms were pearl-grey and was surmounted by an Imperial Crown. The centre, circular and gold, showed Britannia, holding a trident and seated beside a shield bearing the national flag. The centre was surrounded by a circular band, enamelled crimson and bearing the motto FOR GOD AND THE EMPIRE in gold. This was changed in 1937, the Britannia was removed and replaced with King George V and Queen Mary.

Attached to the badge was a purple ribbon (1.5" wide), the military version had a narrow strip of scarlet, but this changed in 1937, and now the ribbon is rose-pink with pearl-grey edges, the military version has a pearl-grey strip through the centre. Sources

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