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The purpose of the CCF, or Combined Cadet Force, is to introduce British youth to its military. In contrast to the ACF or Army Cadet Force which is done regionally the CCF is done by schools - all officers are school teachers and most of the impetus comes from inside the school. The CCF does very well to give students a good start on the road to the military profession, introducing the basics, providing chances to try out leadership roles and linking the cadets to recruitment and scholarship services. Obviously this is good for the services as well, which is why so much money is available to contingents. Trips, equipment, and training from military personnel are all provided by the MOD's money.

There are roughly 40,000 cadets in the CCF, split into three sections: Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. Also there is the Royal Marines who are a special part of the Royal Navy. The army section is the largest, comprising over half of the total cadet population.

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