Camp Pendleton

US Marine Corps base, located on the Pacific coast between Oceanside and San Clemente, CA. (About 35 miles north of San Diego.) Established in 1942, the base was named after General Joseph H. Pendleton.

During peace-time, the base is home to nearly 60,000 military and civilian personnel and their families. It occupies about 200 square miles of land, and claims 17 1/2 miles of undeveloped shoreline. (Much of which is a wildlife refuge)

Major Commands:
Camp Pendleton is home to the following major Marine Corps units:

Nearby Attractions and Landmarks:


What Marines think of it:

  • Most Marines experience Camp Pendleton for the first time during the combat training segment of boot camp. During that time, they go through rifle qualification and field training. Dreaded most is the hump up Mount M.F. (Yes, that's an official on-the-map abbreviation for MuthaF***** - its more endearing name) with full pack, rifle, and helmet.
  • Camp Pendleton is quite temperate, rarely getting extreme temperatures. It's a little cool in the mornings, but lots of sunshine and mild weather.
  • There's a lot more to see and do here than at any other state-side Marine Corps base. The weather is nice, San Diego is close, and there are lots of amenities on base.

  • Personal Experience being stationed there in the 90's

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