The incredible first album from Washington based punk band Dag Nasty.

This album was first released on the Dischord label. The album was recorded and produced by Ian Mackaye and Don Zientara at the DC based Inner Ear Studios. The album was released by Dischord in June 1986 on LP and cassette, (Dischord Release no. 19) and rereleased as a double album also incorporating Dag Nasty's second album, Wig Out at Denko's. This rerelease came out as CD only in January 1991. It was Dischord release no. 53.

The cover art for the album is very striking - it was a black background with part of a "cartoon" face on it. The face was black with purple highlights and white eyes. It is hard to describe, so it is best that you go and have a look - covers of all the Dag Nasty releases can be found at their website ( It's in the discograph section right at the bottom.

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Line up

The album has also been remastered recently (2002) at Silver Sonya by Chad Clark. This reissue contains the original ten songs, plus two out takes that never made the album, plus four songs recorded at that line up's first gig. The reissue has the same art as the first release, except where the highlights used to be purple, they are now green. The rest of the album is the same, except in the inlay, where there is an introduction by Dave Smalley. Dag Nasty have had numerous line up changes over the years. Before this record, the band was made up of:

Dave Smalley had been the band's roadie for a while and when Shaun Brown left, the rest of the band asked him if he would be interested in joining. He accepted, and took up the responsibility of writing lyrics while Brian Baker continued to write the music. It should be mentioned, however, that a lot of the tracks on the album had been played by the band for ages and were actually written by Shaun Brown (and then modified when Dave Smalley arrived). Thanks go to frankdeluxe for pointing this out. This was the line up that went on to record Can I Say, Dischord's first release. It is also widely regarded as the best line up the band ever had, and although Dave left soon after (before a scheduled tour, leaving the band to scrabble around for a replacement) this line up reformed in 2002 to record the latest Dag Nasty album, Minority of One.


Tracks included on all releases:
  1. Values Here
  2. One to Two
  3. Circles
  4. Thin Line
  5. Justification
  6. What Now?
  7. I've Heard
  8. Under Your Influence
  9. Can I Say
  10. Never Go Back
Tracks included on the 2002 rerelease:
    11.   Another Wrong (out take)
    12.   My Dog's a Cat (out take)
    13.   I've Heard (live)
    14.   Another Wrong (live)
    15.   Trying (live)
    16.   Justification (live)

Overall, the album is a must for anyone who like Punk Rock. The sound of Dave Smalley's vocals fits perfectly with music that betrays no fear of failure. Regarded by many as Dag Nasty's best album, this still stands up to scrutiny today as one of the best records that came out of Dischord in the 1980s. In my opinion, Circles and Justification are two of the best songs I have heard, and hearing Circles on the 20 Years of Dischord box set was the sole reason I went out and bought this album and Wig Out at Denko's. I wasn't disappointed. And if you appreciate fast, melodic, meaningful punk, you won't be either.


Owning the 2002 rerelease of the album
Inlay card in album
Book included with 20 Years of Dischord box set
Wig Out at Denko's Inlay Card.

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