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A British ska-core band from Milton Keynes. They've been playing together since they were 14 (then called "Soap"). They were signed up to Household Name Records after the label received the "Time for Change" demo. The current lineup is:

Jake Simms-Fielding (vox and alto saxophone)
Robin 'Boob' Goold (bass)
Keith Minter (guitar)
Tim MacDonald (drums)

Currently they have released

Time for Change EP (1998)
Civil Disobedients (2000)
Pound for the Sound (2001)

With other labelmates they have produced...

Capdown/Link 80 split EP
Christmas Fisting EP (Capdown, Hard Skin, Southport)

They blend punk hardcore with ska and dub-reggae along with their politically charged lyrics to great effect. Personally, one of my favourite bands with amazing gigs :) I'd recommend seeing them next time they come to your area.

(some information from http://www.miltonkeynesnow.co.uk)

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