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A British cartoon TV series about a pretty mild-mannered pirate, in his ship the Black Pig. Originally a print cartoon strip in The Eagle from 1950, then in the Radio Times until moving to television in 1957. He was notable for alliterative pirate oaths like "lolloping landlubbers!"

Captain Pugwash's crew were, and this is important, Master Mate, Pirate Barnabas, Pirate Willy, and Tom the cabin boy. His enemy was Cut-throat Jake.

An urban myth arose many years later that the characters had obscene or lubricious names (such as Seaman Staines, Master Bate, and Roger the Cabin Boy). This myth apparently arose from a doctored videotape created by two comedians. When The Guardian newspaper mentioned the spoof names of the crew as if real, the creator of the series successfully sued them for libel. These days this false story about Pugwash is probably what is best known about him.

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