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Considered to be one of the bloodiest barbed wire matches in all of professional wrestling. The match took place in FMW (Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling) on February 5, 1996 between Cactus Jack and W*ing Kanemura. "Spider Net" is a wrestling term for wire wrapped around the ropes and the turnbuckle in a corner. This type of oh-so-fun torture was invented in a Caribbean federation, hence its name. The ring setup for the match had normal ropes, with spider nets set up in the corners. Each spider net had a large glass pane behind it. Tables and folding chairs were placed randomly outside the ring just in case the pain from the barbed wire and glass weren't enough.

The match started off with some slower, holding moves. Then Cactus threw Kanemura into the corner and did his devastating running knee. Kanemura pulled him to the outside and threw him over the guard rail. Then, (and don't ask me how) Kanemura picks up a table with one arm and chunks it at Cactus' head. The two go back into the ring, and Cactus gets slammed through a table and cut with some glass. The first big bump of the match happened next, when Kanemura got pushed into the spider net and ow, got stuck.

Cactus Jack then tried to help his opponent by smacking him on the back of the head with a chair. This did knock Kanemura out of the net, only to have his face ow, rubbed into the wire. Cactus gets suplexed and dropkicked into the other spider net. The next huge bump is again taken by W*ing, when Cactus slams him through the glass pane off the top rope. Oh yeah, don't forget the barbed wire too. Somehow W*ing manages to stand, and suplexes Cactus into the other glass pane. Cactus wins by using his double-arm DDT to smash Kanemura face-first ow, through the last glass pane.

This is considered by lots of wrestling fans to be one of Mick Foley's greatest matches. This is really nothing uncommon though... FMW has these matches almost every show. If you always wanted to see women kick each other through lines of C-4 explosives or see men electrocute or brand one another, this is for you!

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