The M/V Galaxy is a cruise ship operated by Celebrity Cruises. She was constructed in Papenburg, Germany in 1996, the second in a line that also includes Century and Mercury. At 866 feet long by 105 feet wide, the Galaxy weighs a total of 77,713 tons. She was originally registered in Liberia, but the ship's registration has recently changed to the Bahamas*. The Galaxy cruises at 21.5 knots while carrying her capacity of 1,870 guests in 935 staterooms; 639 of these cabins have an unobstructed ocean view while 296 cabins are inside with no view. The 909 crew members of the Galaxy are from many different countries, but the ship's officers are primarily Greek. The ship's main itineraries are the Caribbean and Alaska.

Every stateroom on the Galaxy offers a thermostat, telephone (ship-based calls are free, calls home are $8/minute), television, mini-bar, safe, and hairdryer. Most rooms come with a shower, but suites also offer a Whirlpool bath. The 38 basic suites feature a sitting area, balcony, and VCR; the 12 premium suites add a dining room, walk-in closet, and butler service. There are some items in every cabin that are available for general use during the cruise, but they can also be purchased after the cruise ends. The umbrella ($11), bathrobes ($25), and beach towels ($28) are all available, as are two Celebrity-logo tote bags (free to keep). There are eight accessible staterooms on the Galaxy.

The primary dining area on board the Galaxy is the Orion Restaurant, which is to the aft of the ship with entrances on decks 5 and 6. The ceiling features a recreated view of the night sky, and the primary feature of the restaurant is its grand staircase. Other dining options on the ship include the Oasis Buffet, which serves three meals a day and ice cream between lunch and dinner. There is also a casual dining "boulevard" featuring sandwiches, pizza, and hamburgers. Room service is available 24 hours a day on board. The menu is limited for much of the day, but during lunch and dinner hours the full main restaurant menu can be ordered through room service.

The primary source of entertainment is the Celebrity Theater, which offers two shows nightly (entrances on decks 6 and 7). Also on deck 6 is the Cinema, which is used for showing movies as well as giving informative talks prior to specific shore excursions. The Fortunes Casino is located on deck 7 (the "Entertainment" deck), and features gambling from five-cent slot machines to blackjack tables; one corner of the casino is non-smoking. Also on deck 7 are the Galaxy's shops, which offer duty free jewelry, perfume, and liquor. There is also a Celebrity logo merchandise shop and a store that offers inexpensive jewelry, watches, and formalwear. There are multiple discos and clubs on the Galaxy, including the Rendezvous Lounge, the Stratosphere Lounge, Michael's Club (a cigar bar), and the Savoy Nightclub.

Activities are provided daily, with fewer options available while the ship is in port. The activities staff offers bingo, computer classes, pillow fights, and a wide variety of things to keep cruisers busy. There are three pools on the Galaxy, all on deck 11 - two saltwater pools are outside, and there is a freshwater pool under a greenhouse-like roof. There are five hot tubs outside near the saltwater pools. A gymnasium, with cardiovascular equipment, is available under the supervision of the AquaSpa staff (deck 11, forward). The spa also offers many personal services, from massages to tooth whitening and facial masks to thalassotherapy. These services are very expensive, as is the onboard acupuncture service (located on deck 6 midship).

Personal experience

* - Various documents in the stateroom were conflicting on this point. The hotel book indicated she was registered in Liberia, but an issue of Celebrity Today said she was registered in the Bahamas.
A Note on Naming
It took me a long time to find out that M/V means Motor Vessel. I didn't figure it out until the end of the last day of the trip! Also, many cruise aficionados refer to ships without the line in front of them. So this ship may, in various places, be called M/V Galaxy, Celebrity Galaxy, or just Galaxy.

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