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Centrum is located at Fort Worden National Historic Site in Port Townsend, Washington and is amazing. From the mission statement: "Centrum, in partnership with Fort Worden State Park, is a gathering place for artists and creative thinkers from around the world, students of all ages and backgrounds, and audiences seeking extraordinary cultural enrichment. Centrum promotes creative experiences that change lives." I think of it as a music hub. It is not one music festival but multiple festivals and other musical programs.

In times without plague, we have festivals all summer long (3). A Blues fest, Jazz fest, Fiddletunes, Writer's, programs for teens and grade school children, Steel guitar, I can't list all of them. They also change. Artist residencies and the world premiere of an opera. I have lived in the area since 2000, so have occasionally attended a week long program. I have gone to lots of concerts though not enough. I have had the delight of attending Blues Fest, once just the Gospel Choir and once the whole thing. Amazing.

I have heard the best pianist I have ever heard in my life at a Jazz Fest concert. Gonzalo Rubalcaba. My Ex is the jazz aficionado. Two jazz groups played that night, and GR was the second. People were getting up and leaving, because they liked the rather staid 1940s group that played covers before him. My husband wanted to strangle everyone who was leaving. I swear that GR had control of each finger and thumb separately so that he could control the volume and intensity of ten notes at once, all different. Mind boggling.

I have been a parent chaparone for a week long junior high program that my daughter attended. I think I liked the silly bits more than her.

Daryl Davis was the director of Blues Fest for quite a while. He came to dinner once, since we knew him back in DC, and I ate lunch with him once at the Blues Fest, because he was sitting alone. "May I join you?" "Yes," he says. We are nearly the same age. I danced to his band in the DC area back in the mid 1980s and he played at our wedding.

My son attended Fiddletunes twice. We paid for it once. The second time, Andy Makie (1) asked if my son was attending. "I don't have the money right now," I said. "Oh, no problem," says Andy Mackie and my son got a scholarship from him. My son loved the British Columbia Cajun group and performed with them at the student concert. Ashokan Farewell (2). My daughter attended once, I think. She does not like huge group things much.

Centrum is wonderful. We get musicians from all over the world and I am so happy to live near this. I hope to attend more in the future.

1. Andy Makie:
2. Ashokan Farewell (not the BC Group):
3. Currently on line.

Cen"trum (?), n.; pl. E. Centrums (#), L. Centra (#). [L., center.] Anat.

The body, or axis, of a vertebra. See Vertebra.


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