Charles Village is a small neighboorhood in Baltimore, Maryland, a few blocks away from the main campus of Johns Hopkins University, centered on St. Paul Street, which is the next over from Charles Street. How far it extends, exactly, depends on personal opinion. I say it goes from Guilford street over to Howard, and from 28th street down to 33rd. Others disagree.

It is one of the relatively few neighborhoods in Baltimore not named for a hill (see Mount Vernon, Federal Hill, Butcher's Hill, etc).

It is full of very nutty people, including The Screamer (aka The Monkey Man, Shampoo, and a variety of other names), and less nutty but still weird people, like Ohio Bob. In general, people who live in this area are a little "off" (which is kind of fun in a weird way).

As a resident, I get to enjoy hundreds of drunk freshman and sophomores making their way back to their dorms from frat parties down the street (my house lives directly on the path between Wolman Hall and the SAE frat house), most of them screaming at each other, and some of them peeing on my front door step (yes, this really did happen to me, I walked out to find a couple of kids peeing right there in front of me - I was not exactly pleased).

But, other than that, it is a pretty nice place to live. If you're willing to live with a few people, rent can be very cheap, even for a really nice house.

There a plenty of good places to eat within walking distance, including Tamber's, Thai Restaurant (yes, that's it, just "Thai Restaurant"), Pete's, and (in Hampden, which is about 15 minutes away on foot) Holy Frijoles and Angelo's.

†: knile says CV is from "20th to 33rd streets and covers from Howard to Greenmount." The dimentions knile mentions coorespond to the "Charles Village Community Benefits District", which encloses four distinct neighborhoods: Abell, South Charles Village, Harwood, and Charles Village, and shares some territory with a fifth (Waverly).

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