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(*sigh* someone nuked the list of my Nodes Pretendint To Be Useful And Somewhat Insightful... anyone making a list of GIMP tutorials in E2?)

This is how I made the background of the image that, as of writing, appears on my home page (http://www.iki.fi/wwwwolf/). Here's some basic GIMP operation stuff for the uninitiated, after which you can do another really k3wL effect...

  1. Painted the background color sweep with Ink tool.
  2. Used Gimpressionist plugin on it. I used a rock background (set to fairly high scale) and crayon brush.
  3. Screwed around with the Levels, Curves and Brightness/Contrast until I got rid of most of the "background".
  4. Thresholded. Gaussian Blur with very low ranges.
  5. Then, simply flood fill (or do what I did and do gradient with colors so gay that the straight people will puke =) the picture with appropriate fill mode.

I'll make a more detailed, pictured tutorial later =) The point: Gimpressionist is one of THE plugins.

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