Small hard-shelled (Candy-coated) rectangles of chewing gum, often packed with several flavours together. There are very small sized Chiclets, now known as Tiny-Size Chiclets which are about that same diameter as a hit of Acid.

Before the bubble-gum craze of the early 80's, Chiclets were a favourite gum, mainly due to being able to mix the different flavours together in a big mishmash of sugary sweetness.

The name Chiclets harks back to the original ingredient of gum, chicle, a hard resin from sapota trees, which replaced parrafin for humankind's oral fixation. A candy salesman in 1914 developed Chiclets for the American Chicle Company, basing the idea on candy-coated almonds.

When people go on cruise vacations, invariably when they arrive in each new port, many small children are waiting to sell them little packets of Chiclets. This scene is as natural as pigeons in a park.

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