Meat = any thick beef cut - brisket, arm, pot or rump roast.

Put roast in Brown-n-Bag, cut a slit in the top of the bag.
Bake at 200º for four to six hours.
Let meat cool and shred.
Make apporoximately four cups.
Cook in Crockpot with 1 Cup salsa on low for two hours.
Spoon into flour tortillas and fry in oil on medium heat until golden brown.
Server with shredded cheese and lettuce,as well as, sour cream and salsa as garnishments.

Shredded chicken, turkey, pork or hamburger can be subsituted.

Midway through a cross-country trek to our new home, I awoke in the West Texas town of Odessa. The front desk clerk at the hotel had told me the night before that there would be a continental breakfast waiting in the lobby, but when I got there it turned out to consist of store-bought doughnuts and tepid orange juice. I prefer to have a good breakfast before I venture out in the morning, and wondered where I could find something more substantial to eat before I headed out across the desert.

I loaded my things in the truck and drove to a nearby gas station. After filling up on diesel, I went in to pay and noticed that they were selling hot chimichangas from a case by the counter. I was pretty hungry but wasn't sure if these could be trusted. I caught the attention of Lupé, the attendant, and nodded toward the case.

ME: Are the chimichangas good?

LUPÉ: They're shredded.

ME: Ah. Yes. they good?

LUPÉ: They're shredded beef. With cheese and peppers.

ME: One chimichanga, please.

Yes, it was quite good.

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