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While it may be a bit presumptuous of a Novice with a Node-fu of 3.6 to be proposing massive reëvaluation of the way we think about how skilled/cool/excellent our fellow noders are, I have a proposal:

The current Node-fu rating system is based on XP, which measures effects of votes, Ching!s, and--this is why it's called experience--number of votes cast in the past. This throws a lot off, as noted by asqui in their (his/her? /msg me) comparison of datagirl and vectormane. The essence of this comparison was that vectormane has a higher XP-to-writeup ratio, datagirl has more than 3 times as many C!s with fewer nodes. It seems we ought to consider a new evaluation system:

Ching!-fu. This is simple to calculate: it's the C!-to-writeup ratio. At the time of writing this, 10.8% of all E2 nodes are cool, according to the statistics. My personal Ching!-fu would be 16.7%. The difficulty, of course, comes in counting the number of C!s one has. When you have 33 writeups like me, it's easy.... but someone like Pingouin or pukesick with their 1000+ nodes would have extreme difficulty (or at least a boring couple of days) counting them all. Of course, it shouldn't be hard for those who run E2 to include number of Ching!s in our statistics....

It seems that the concept of Ching!-fu, while it certainly could be challenged, could become a useful part of user evaluation/egotism, perhaps in some diabolical combination with node-fu which a brilliant non-qousqous mathematician here could probably devise.

The E2 node tracker reports a coolratio which tells the percentage of a user's nodes that are Ching!ed, as well as a ton of other useful statistics beyond what E2 provides.

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