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Genre: Industrial/Techno
Artist: Skinny Puppy
Album: Rabies (1989, Nettwerk Records), Track 9
Credit: Nivek Ogre (lyrics), Skinny Puppy

Only two tracks truly stand out on Skinny Puppy's album "Rabies": Worlock and Choralone. A dark, almost tuneless chant, this song weeps deprivation, perversion, interference. Some feel it was the Dwayne Goettel and cEvin Key reacting to the overbearing production influence of Al Jourgensen, the album's producer. It is classic Skinny Puppy, Ogre's voice slowed down to a barely audible pitch, the background chaotic strings, and there is no beat.

One could attribute many meanings to this song, as with most Puppy songs. Some feel it is about a man losing his mind; others see it as a thinly veiled threat to Jourgensen; still others see it as about being trapped in a horrible relationship. One could even make the argument that it is about Rampancy, AI gone mad: "Growth - denied."

There is also a live version of this song which was released on the "Spasmolytic" album (released on 4/12/1991). The first US release did not include this track, but subsequent releases do. However, none of the releases list it on the cover. This live version has significantly different lyrics. Unfortunately, I do not own this album nor do I have access to an MP3, or I would list the lyrics of that version as well.

The presentation of this work attempts to visually lay out the lyrics as they are performed. Items listed with ?? after them are other possible lyrics; ?? by itself represents a word that defies decoding (the vocoder makes it very hard to understand some of the words).

barren ball
rotates - spitting toxins
taught to destroy
a balance not unlike
rotates - on
changing (changing...)
directs and wins - each vision blurred
living/thinking - (not ever) linking (not ever)
that shape unknown (linking)
progress undermined
basic, binary - on, off, on, off
breathe; exhale: exhale-lungs
green shutters
camera fixed
overexposed (skin) - burns
raged/the amber
tempered tension
surface (nervous??)/stoned
water/paper - to air
dry cracks
growth denied

~ Skinny Puppy ~
Track #9 from "Rabies" (1989)

CST Approved!

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