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This popular piece of fan fiction is a crossover between the TV Series M*A*S*H and the children's book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry Potter is a student of magic at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry whose latest homework assignment involves the use of a magic mirror to peer into the past and learn about the history of war. Distracted by a visitor, however, he forgets to cancel the enchantment before falling asleep. As a consequence, the borrowed magic mirror's ongoing spell begins to slowly warp and degrade into unsupervised chaos.

Harry Potter awakes in the jungle surrounded by American troops who gawk at his strange dress and behavior, not quite understanding what has happened. It turns out that Harry has not only been thrown into the past, but into the past as imagined by a television show!

There are five parts to this story (summaries and spoilers follow):

Part 1: The Accident
Harry forgets to cancel the spell that allows his borrowed magic mirror to look into the past, and awakes to find himself in the jungle.

Part 2: Trapped!
Harry is treated as if he were an insane soldier by the cast of M*A*S*H 4077, where he befriends Colonel Potter, convincing him that he can demonstrate that he is not a mad man. Colonel Potter agrees and tries to leave the camp, only to discover that he can't escape the confines of the original show's set. Meanwhile, Hawkeye and BJ engange in a hilarious war of pranks, seemingly oblivious to the degrading sanity of the soldiers around them.

Part 3: The Inmates are Running the Asylum!
Word spreads, and the 4077 begins to slowly go insane as they realize that they are not surgeons, that none of the nurses have personalities, and that they can not escape the never-ending Korean War. Harry tries a spell of escape.

Part 3: Mutiny!
The 4077 faces a mutiny among the troops! Colonel Potter is captured and the 4077 begins preparations to burn Harry at the stake, thinking that it will release them. Love between Charles and Hot Lips blossoms.

Part 4: Escape
Harry escapes at the last moment with Colonel Potter and returns to his own world, only to discover parallels between his reality and the fictional Korean War he thought he left behind. Harry realizes that he too is a fictional character!

Part 5: The End
Now totally insane, Colonel Potter and Harry go on a broomstick rampage of raping, looting, pillaging and raining firey death on the Muggles from above with evil spells and pilfered Korean War grenades, before being shot and killed by a group of Hogwart's own Men in Black. One of the men hears Harry's last words, however, and begins to notice that he can not leave England...

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