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A super-hero created by Scott Cunningham for DC Comics. Congo Bill first appeared in More Fun Comics #56 and Congrorilla first appeared in Action Comics #224

Congo Bill is the only name by which we know this legendary adventurer and explorer. He was known for his compassion with animals, never killing an animal unless he had a choice. Rather, Bill would trap the animals. He became well-known to both the authorities and people of Africa.

Bill had many adventures in his life prior to the encounter that would change his life. On one of his adventures, Bill saved the life of Chief Kawolo, a local tribal chieftan. To thank Bill, Chief Kawolo gave him a ring that he told Bill would allow him to trade places for one hour with the great golden gorilla that was the tribe's guardian. Bill accepted the gift, but did not believe the story.

Bill later found himself trapped by a landslide and unable to free himself. Knowing he was doomed without help and desperate for freedom, Bill rubbed the ring and found himself in the body of the golden gorilla. He was able to use the strength of the gorilla to dig himself free of the rubble. So began the adventures of Congorilla.

Congo Bill was never a A-list hero, but did have a number of adventures over the year. He was brought together with other lesser heroes by Dr. Mist to fight Vandal Savage as the so-called Forgotten Heroes.

The one piece of information and potential storyline that was never pursued by the writers of the Congo Bill/Congorilla stories was what did this great golden gorilla do in Bill's body for an hour. One can imagine the shock and confusion of this huge ape when it finds itself in the body of an aging adventurer, complete with Banana Republic safari garb and a pith helmet. One can imagine that Bill often returned to his body to find it naked at the top of a tree, but the Comics Code Authority would scarely let that story out.

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