A member of the super-hero team the Avengers published by Marvel Comics.

Marc Spector is the real name of the super-hero Moon Knight. The son of a rabbi, Marc rejected his father's faith and peaceful ways, becoming a mercenary. During a mission in Egypt, Spector was ambushed and left for dead in the tomb of Khonshu, the Egyptian god of vengence and the moon. Marc recovered and believed himself to be resurrected by Knonshu. Taking up the cloak that was wrapped around the statue of the Egyptian god, Spector vowed to battle evil and hence became Moon Knight.

Spector returned to the New York City and established a number of new identities for himself. Apart from the mercenary Marc Spector and his costumed identity, Spector also became Jake Lockley, a New York cab driver and Steven Grant, a rich playboy. Along with his girlfriend Marlene Alraune and friend and partner Jean-Paul DuChamps (also called "Frenchie"), Moon Knight battled the forces of evil.

For a time, Spector quit being Moon Knight, but was often dragged back into his life as a super-hero by forces beyond his control. For a time, Moon Knight's strength would increase or decrease according to the phase of the moon.

Moon Knight joined the west coast branch of the super-hero team the Avengers for a short time.

Moon Knight had an up-and-down career as a super-hero and though having great potential, was never more than a second-rate knockoff of Batman. The writing of his solo series went through a number of writers, some of who did well by the character, while others tried to handle him with typical super-hero tactics.

One of the worst handlings of Moon Knight was during his time with the Avengers. Though in the solo series, it was hinted that Spector might not have been completely stable mentally from juggling multiple identities, in his Avengers adventure, Spector had a full-blown case of multiple personalities.

Finally, Moon Knight was also saddled with the worst assistant in history. Frenchie was a one-dimensional character with a bad accent who flew his helicopter. Sadly, rather than fleshing out the character, the writers chose to leave him as a bad stereotype.

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