I mean it! OK, I have seen country music videos that show a sad story about real people in real situations. I don't listen to contemporary country music, but I do love me some Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and David Allen Coe. But I feel liked I've been slipped some acid when I see some of today's country music videos.

I can't remember the band names, except I saw a Dixie Chicks video where the three of them rolled the town in wedding dresses on BMXs. I have gotten a bit older and lost touch with some current trends, but huh? I saw some other video with a time machine and cowboy hats. Uh, are the walls breathing, or am I watching country music? The videos have cute people, but they have a weird look. I don't know anyone that looks like that at all. And I live in Texas. Strange love scenarios going down at 7-Eleven or a coffee shop with weird mofos dancing around them?

I guess I'm just slamming country's effort to mix with pop. It doesn't seem to fit anywhere in reality. It's probably just me, but maybe take the time to watch a country music video.

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