Developer: Namco Arcade
Type: Arcade game
Genre: Shooter
Released: 1999
Players: 1
Controls: Optical Gun, Pedal
Description: Greatest arcade game in existence. It features the compact version of the legendary Heckler & Koch MP5 as the weapon of choice. The force feedback permitted by the light gun is rather satisfying and not annoying. However, the most satisfying feature in the game in the completely destructable environment. Not only is the subsequent destruction that is delivered by the MP5K extremely satisfying, but surprisingly realistic as well. The developers researched the power of submachine guns extensively to create a convincing world for the player to interact with. Quote from the official site (see sources):
The development staff did some heavy research into the impact machine guns have on their targets and created a world in which all objects within a stage will react naturally to the machine gun. It creates an array of particle effects that knock anyone down the first time they see it. All of the background images in the world of Crisis Zone are active thus players can send everything in a scene flying everywhere!

And they ain't lyin', folks. Every object has it's own unique particle effect that reacts the way it should. A couple of examples: paper slowly floats to the ground after being hosed with lead; concrete pieces fly like they should, not floating, but falling. Does that make sense? Seeing is believing anyway. Go play it at your local arcade. You'll thank me later.
But what, exactly, is it about? Here's the official word:
The focus of Crisis Zone is to suppress a rogue terrorist group that has seized Garland Square outside of London. Players can choose their route from the beginning of the game between three stages, once the player has completed a stage they will then advance into one of the other three zones and once all stages are complete they will advance to a special stage engaging the final boss. Crisis Zone also judges the players' performance and vamps the difficulty based on how the player performs in each stage.


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