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Twiztid CD of rare and unreleased material. This CD has only been sold during the June-July 2001 leg of their Freek Show tour. There are two different covers, one with Jamie Madrox on the front, and one with an inverted Monoxide Child. The two CD cases fit together to form a full icture giving the title: "The Cryptic Collection II: The Collected Works of Madrox and Monoxide


  1. Freek Show (Intro 2) - Same words as the final Freek Show intro, but the voice is different.. more obviously Madrox.
  2. Murder Murder Murder - Has also appeared on original Mostasteless and Psychopathics From Outer Space. This is a song about the perfect murder.
  3. Liquid Friend - Old Mr. Bones track about how great alcohol is.
  4. I Remember - Original version of "Different" from Freek Show, the music is acoustic, and the words are completely different. The new words talk about Twiztid's past, growing up and stuff. It's a very serious song.
  5. Smoke Break - Has also appeared on original Mostasteless. Basically just "If you smoke bud then say HELL YEAH!!!".
  6. Why The Children? - Old Mr. Bones track about killing his little brother, then trying to bring him back.
  7. I Don't Care (Dark Lotus Track originally released as Pendulum #2). Attitude rap about not caring about anything.
  8. She Ain't Afraid - Has also appeared on original Mostasteless. Pimp rap featuring a babble from Shaggy 2 Dope
  9. Home Bound - Old House of Krazees track with ROC's part taken out
  10. Unrational - Old Mr. Bones track
  11. We Don't Die (Non-Rock Version) - Partially appeared on the Freek Show sampler. This is a spookier version of their hit "We Don't Die".. it was cut from the Freek Show album and replaced by a heavier version with lots of guitars
  12. Another Smoke Break - Has also appeared on original Mostasteless. Pretty much the same track as Smoke Break.
  13. Juggalo Party - Twiztid's Hallowicked 2000 track featuring Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Anybody Killa. A song about how great Halloween is.
  14. Drunken Ninja Master (new Dark Lotus Track), music by Shaggy, idea by Shaggy and Madrox

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