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Crysis Multiplayer

Many people know about Crysis, the game of the year last year. Single player graphics have pushed computers to the edge (well, atleast when it came out) but one thing that is overlooked is the multiplayer.

I have played multiplayer on crysis more than any other game, except maybe Warcraft 3 merely because it hasn't been long enough since Crysis has been released. Here are a few things I've learned while playing

Crysis is wrong. It is not called Crysis because that is some nifty title pertaining to something in the storyline or some silly name a coder somewhere came up with. It is partially correct in foreshadowing that after playing multiplayer for a bit, you will start to experience a crysis. The true name of the game should be called: Aggravation.

In no other place, in no dark corner or bright shining star have I ever seen, or being as I've never been on the surface of a star, imagined, anything in life could conjure such amazing levels of frustration, such passionate hatred.

Yes we are all aware that multiplayer games are filled with they're share of angry people, part in due to the anonymity they can share, but this game has breached past the impossible, it tears a veil into unforeseen universi of feeling. It evokes something that surpasses any chemical reaction that could possibly happen via drugs or psychoactive chemicals and medications, this reaction, this feeling, the thing this game summons within me, it is something else entirely.

Even "god" cannot be a good word to describe what it evokes, for that is an understatement.

Think if you will, you've lived a perfectly normal life, your a perfectly average, perfectly conformed to society's norms. You have a lovely wife, yes there are problems here and there like any normal family, but they're relatively small and resolved easily. You live your day to day life moderately enjoying it. You have two healthy and well-off children, one is 7 years old, the other 13. You love them with all your heart.

To keep this from being a very long story I'll sacrifice a little of the emphasis and get to the point.

One day you play Crysis multiplayer. A mysterious black point hits your memory, sort of a brain blank. The next thing you know your standing over your wife, she's half dead begging for mercy, crying, tears streaming down her face. Your hands are covered in blood. There is a saw in your hand, and your daughter's head in the other, severed neatly. You don't know what you've done. Your wife dies before your eyes, blood gushing up from her mouth.

Skipping past the stages of denial, skipping past the doubt, and the bargaining, and all that crap... you find yourself with the worlds most painful gut wrenching feeling. Its an emotion, but its much more than that. Its bone chilling deep. Soul freezing deep. Well, obviously its more than any mere word could describe. Which of course is why I had to use such a lengthy analogy. There is no word to describe that horrible feeling.

That is crysis multiplayer.

It is frustration beyond limit, it is beyond human pain, it is horrible.

The feeling is so wretched, that you probably already got my point right at the beginning, but it makes me feel so psychotic, so much like murdering people then killing myself, the feeling is so horrible that I have some pressing need to write endless pages, infinite, googles of digits in pages, that I should be immortal just so that I can keep on describing the same thing over and over because it will take more than an infinite number of words to get this off my back, off my chest, to relieve myself of the suffering that has all in one moment been thrust into my consciousness.

The feeling is so horrible that instead of getting to a point I spin endlessly in circles trying to describe how horrible it is, because I am so alone in this dark miserable world, and so cold hearted now, that I'd do anything for some company, but no matter what I do, no matter what I say, nobody will understand the feeling that "CRYSIS FUCKING MULTIPLAYER" has plagued me with.

I've spent all this time, rambling, writing, because this feeling is more important, and not exaggerated enough, not even remotely glimpsed upon, that you need to read all this to catch an infinitesimal amount of idea of what its like.

Well thats it. Thats my ramble, my misery, my pain, all from one game. Yes I dare say, I have no mental or emotional disabilities except the ones created by this very game. Nothing in my life is wrong except this game.

I've probably gotten no-where, but this is a nice start. And remember, don't tell people to go to hell, tell them to play crysis multiplayer. Playing crysis multiplayer is like nailing the son of god to a wooden instrument of death with full awareness of what your doing, just for the fuck of it. Except crysis multiplayer is even a greater sin than that. The only one not even Jesus was powerful enough to forgive.

Aw I give up, there truly isn't a way to emphasize the horrible wretched maliciousness of crysis multiplayer. Why don't you find out for yourself? Play Power Struggle, play for a few months. You'll know why I say this. You'll know why I killed my wife and children, and have to live with that for the rest of my life. (which of course I'm using in a metaphorical sense)

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