A university in Perth, Western Australia. Formerly known as the Western Australian Institude of Technology, it is renowned for its huge expanses of concrete and large size. It is reputably so big that it is divided into several timezones, though that is unconfirmed.

In truth, it is actually only about one kilometre from north to south, and close to that east to west, though that is not very accurate due to the ovals. Believe me, I know - I walk it nearly everyday.
While there is quite an amount of concrete, as Sven182 states, the gardens and grass areas through out Curtin University provide an equilibrium and a great place for students to study or chat- weather permitting of course.

The student housing there is well set out. My own Erica Underwood House is one of the newest of the housing, accommodating 152 students in flats of 6 people.

I find it amusing that the author of the above writeup is from the University of Western Australia- Curtin's greatest rival.

Curtin University of Technology is located primarily in the city of Perth, Western Australia. It has satellite campuses scattered around the state and (at time of writing) one overseas in Sarawak, Malaysia. It is named after the former wartime Prime Minister of Australia, John Curtin (1941-1945), who was the last leader of Australia to hail from the state. Before 1986 the university was called the Western Australian Institute of Technology and had a cooler logo.

During the semester almost 30,000 people commute to the Bentley campus daily. This is supposed to be second only to the Perth CBD itself in the state. Traffic and parking are therefore major issues, although parking is more readily available than at the University of Western Australia where first year undergrads are not allowed to park on campus at all.

By an odd quirk of local geography, the 6-story T.L. Robertson library has ground floor entrances on levels 1, 2, and 3. There are many retail outlets located on campus, including a bank and a pub in suspiciously close proximity of each other.

There is also the perpetual rumour that W.A.I.T. was originally to be renamed Curtin University of New Technology, until someone realised the acronym that would be formed from such a name. It may or may not in fact be true, but likely is.

The university's website is at http://www.curtin.edu.au/

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