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Defensive Counter Air

A military aircraft combat role involving the protection of friendly assets, such as AWACS or ground forces for a prescribed amount of time. During DCA missions it is imperative not to leave ones station during this time, to ensure no friendly targets in the area are damaged or destroyed.

The major difference between DCA and BARCAP is that the former consists of protecting a specific target, as opposed to the latter which consists of protecting a general region.


Drum Corp Associates
A competitive circuit for senior drum and bugle corps. Unlike junior corp senior corp has no age restriction on it's membership.
It is broken down into 2 classes of competition, Class A and Open Class. Open class is for larger, more experienced drum corps and has a size limit of 135. Class A is primarily for newer corps and carries a size limit of 65. Size is total for all performing members, color guard, hornline, and percussion.

Present Member Corps:

  • Syracuse Brigadiers
  • Reading Buccaneers
  • Harrison Bushwackers
  • Hawthorne Caballeros
  • Connecticut Huricanes
  • Rochester Crusaders
  • Empire Statesman
  • Grenadiers

  • Minnesota Brass Inc.
  • Renegades
  • Corp Vets
  • Skyliners

For junior corp see DCI.

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