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A German party. Short for Deutsche Kommunistische Partei (German Communist Party). Unlike the PDS the DKP was founded in West-Germany in 1968. Where the PDS is more a party for East-Germans, who are afraid of the new free market and try to reestablish a more secure system (although they often forget get repressing regime in the former DDR).
The DKP has other traditions as it was founded as a successor for the KPD (Communist Party of Germany], which was forbidden in 1957. Contrary to the PDS, which makes a nearly social-democratic, they want to build a new socialistic Germany. They are against imperalism, globalism and militarism.
The DKP has very few voters, as they a stigmatized in West-Germany as a herald for the Soviet regime. In East-Germany there is no space for another socialistic party next to the PDS, as the PDS unions socialists and disappointed people there. In some regions of the former DDR the PDS arrives up to 60% of the votes. The DKP barely reaches 1% in any regions, except some studentic towns.

“Dragon Kill Points”, aka, "DKP" is a loot currency system used to keep score and distribute rare in-game items amongst participants in Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPG). It was developed in Everquest and named after the first coordinated efforts to down high level dragon raid boss encounters. DKP based systems have since become not only the most common means of point-based reward distribution across all MMORPG‘s but arguably the fairest way possible to honor ongoing, large-scale, team campaigns. In a nutshell, a DKP system is orderly and self-regulating. The more effort you put in, the more DKP you will accumulate.

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