This series, based on a comic book, has no direct connection to anything written by William Gibson. That being said, it feels like Gibson. More than that trashy Keanu Reeves film and more like anything that has beem made imitating his style. It has the Gibson ambience- that feeling that technology has gotten out of control of most of us, but there are still people who are tough, smart and ruthless. People with allegiance to no one, limited tolerance for "good guys" or "bad guys" and no patience for stupidity.

In the show, like many Gibson stories, the characters- male, female, young adult, muli-racial, etc., consider every day survival and high tech just another weapon. It's not about IT, it's about people trying to outwit other people, virtually and otherwise.


Blue Rodeo - Dark Angel
I met this girl
She's walking through one of my dreams
She kissed my eyes
And everything that she said
Made so much sense to me
That I still feel like I'm half asleep

Artist Notes
"I remember I had tried recording this on acoustic guitar like the version that's on the record and just not feeling very connected to the song... and getting close to the date where we had to finish the album. For Five Days In July, we had asked Sarah McLachlan to come and sing on some songs... and so she was sitting in the studio, just sort of warming up, singing the song and playing piano. Well, the way she was singing it sounded way more appealing to me than the way I'd been doing it, so I just sort of sat down beside Sarah and started singing with her while she played piano. And the song started to make sense to me and really took on an emotional weight that I hadn't been able to touch in it before... it was very exciting." - Greg Keelor

Song Information
Dark Angel is the tenth track from the album Five Days in July by Blue Rodeo. Also released as track 12 on their live album, Just Like a Vacation. The song was written by Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor, and the lead vocals are sung by Greg Keelor.

Information and quotes from
©1993,1999 Blue Rodeo Productions

Update: In an attempt to comply with the E2 Copyright Changes I have sent an email off to Blue Rodeo to attempt to get permission. 10/22/2003

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