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Born and raised in Toronto, Canada until age twelve when he and his family moved to Vancouver.
He was acting at only nine years old at a professional theater and on local television shows. He and his younger brother both got their first big breaks into acting when they recieved recurring roles on Canada's most popular television show to date, "Road to Avonlea."
After spending a year of college, Tyler got a regular role on the syndicated series "Breaker High." He then appeared in feature film "Antitrust" with Ryan Phillippe and Tim Robbins.
Now living in L.A., Tyler is a practiced drummer who has been playing since he was 10. He also enjoys snowboarding.
Tyler starred in the brief run of the show "Dead Last" which appeared on the WB with only seven episodes, and in it's full seasonl length on the YTV. His character was that of Scotty Sallback, the drummer for their band, called "Problem."

Other Appearances:
  • "Mr. Rice's Secret" starring David Bowie

  • "Trixie" with Nick Nolte, Emily Watson & Dermot Mulroney

  • "Get Carter" with Sylvester Stallone

  • "In a Class of His Own" (TV Movie)

  • "Take Me Home: The John Denver Story" (TV Movie)

  • "By Dawn's Early Light" (TV Movie)
  • "Millennium" (Guest Star; TV Series)

  • "The X-Files" (Guest Star; TV Series)

  • "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (Guest Star; TV Series)

  • "Dark Angel" (Guest Star; TV Series)
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