An happenin' early seventies flick about some bloke of the name Jack Carter. Y'see, Jack's this professional killer who's damn pissed about his brother's recent suspicious death, so he travels to Newcastle to investigate it and brutally punish all those responsible.

Michael Caine's bloody slick as it is, but his role here takes the cake. With the addition of the super-groovy soundtrack by Roy Budd and kitschy, sexy, sixties chicks to Carter's one-liners and take-no-shit attitude, this film 0WNz (with a capital 0WN).

So, you say, this shit's so hot it must be askin' to be raped by Hollywood. Well, never fear. For you folks into action and effects over down and dirty Brit shit: Hollywood won't disappoint. Keep yer lids peeled for Get Carter 2000, starring Sylvester Stallone as Las Vegas mob enforcer Jack Carter who travels to Seattle to kick some butt--American style. I'm not kidding. Oh... and i hear they changed the beautiful ending too. Should be a smash. Update: I saw it and, wow, it blows.

Based on the novel Jack's Return Home by Ted Lewis.

Stereolab do an awesome cover of the Get Carter Theme. It's available on their double-CD B-side compilation, Aluminum Tunes. Pick it up.

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