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Born in 1957, Dave Morris established himself as a competent, enlightened and creative writer of adventure game books with the Golden Dragon Fantasy series, a collaboration with fellow fantasy enthusiast Oliver Johnson in 1984.

Growing up in Surrey and educated in Oxford, Dave Morris was an avid fan of the role-playing genre, a love he took one step further with future works, such as the Blood Sword series (also with Oliver Johnson), the Virtual Reality Adventure series and the Fabled Lands series.

Unlike the vast extensive world of contemporary Joe Dever's Magnamund, Dave Morris proves his versatility by creating several worlds and boundless characters. In the Virtual Reality Adventure series alone, we can play a Mayan prince, or a honour-bound sailor, among many other colourful characters.

Furthermore, the well-read author draws his inspiration from various sources, including lesser-known Chinese and Japanese mythology as well as the more familiar legends of the Greeks, meshing them together to create strange and exotic scenarios.

Truly, he has made the game book genre one that can constantly entertain, even now, decades after they were first written.

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