Dave Williams

Artist Profile:

Born: February 28, 1972

Died: August 14, 2002

Singer for Drowning Pool

Note: This is, I believe, the obituary from www.MusicEffect.com and possibly a newspaper too. This is only at the beginning. I actually will write my own stuff below.

Now, I sit here listening to Drowning Pool's album, Sinner. I think about all the great things that Dave Williams did. I know that he's dead, but I don't really believe it yet. Do you know what I mean?

Williams was a truly great man, and an inspiration for many, many, many people, myself included. He always wanted to buy his parents a new house and he finally will get his wish granted. NOT in the way that he wanted though.

The DVD of Drowning Pool, which will be released June 6 will contain numerous features including:

All profits from the sale of the DVD will go to providing William's family w/ a new home.

Thanks to:

  • http://www.musiceffect.com/CEMETERY/dave_williams.html
  • And to CzarKhan for making me aware that my D.O.D were wrong. All above are for 2002.

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