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Or "Dejap Quality Translations" as their website proclaims.

Dejap is a video game translation group which specialises in translating games from Japanese into English so that we uneducated heathens can play them. Updates at the website (http://www.dejap.com) are sometimes worryingly few and far between, but there is definitely a lot going for the group - hard drives crashing, real lifeTM to attend to, etc. The whole site was down for a significant period, and then it was back, but without a host for the large files they had to offer. Luckily Geoshock (www.geoshock.com) stepped in, and the site curently has all downloads working. The projects which the team has been involved with are:

  • Original Dejap Translations:
    • Star Ocean - (almost) all the graphics decompression is done, with the graphics pack up for download. The translation is currently top of the list of prioirities for the team, with a beta version out now (which only translates some of the game). Voice acting and final translation to come. UPDATE!! The 1.0 English Star Ocean patch was released just before midnight on the 31st of December, 2003 (Dark Force had promised the patch would be finished in 2003, so it was only appropriate to release at the last minute). From the 10 or so hours I am into the game, I have to say the quality of the translation is outstanding and geniunely rivals professional game reprogramming. Not to mention the game, and the battle system, are both excellent in their own right. I highly suggest you all go and pick it up.
    • Dragon Quest 6 - there are currently 4 different patches up for download from four different sources. This project is currently frozen.
    • Tales of Phantasia - This is finished, and probably the Dejap Team's swan song. Translation to English finished a while ago, with patches for 18 languages available.
    • Bastard!! - this was a "joke project" for the team and was completed quite easily a while ago.
    • Samurai Showdown RPG - the team have done very little work on this as they are unsure exactly how or if it is possible to patch a Neo-Geo CD game. Due to this, no actual translation has yet taken place.
  • Joint Translation Efforts:
    • Bahamut Lagoon - This is finished, with English patches available for both emulators and copiers. The project was completed by working with Neill Corlett (a rom translation god, who is responsible for the Seiken Densetsu 3 patch) and Tomato, another good translator.
    • Far East of Eden Zero - Graphics decompression was needed for this game, in a similar style to Star Ocean. The graphics packs have all been released, making the game playable, but as yet the translation is not even started.
    • Dragon Quest III - this translation project is in collaboration with the Illuminus rom translation group. No patch is released as yet.
    • Monster World IV - this was a joint effort with the demiforce translation group, and everything is finished, with a final patch up for download.
    • Dragon Quest 5 - a collaboration with partial translations. This is finished, with the final patch up for download.
    • Wedding Peach - the team openly admit to have lost interest in this, but still claim that it will be finished some day. It is currently suspended.

As well as patches, the website also features graphics packs up for download for the games that need them: Far East of Eden Zero, Star Ocean, and Street Fighter Alpha 2. All files are hosted from the geoshock server, and refreshingly, downloads are actually quite fast.

Members of the team include:

  • Antiriad - the founder of the group, and one of the main programmers.
  • Dark Force - Group Coordinator, Programmer. Does most of the updating of the website.
  • Chess Piece Face - Translator, Webmaster.
  • makokichi - translator.
  • Unafarmer - Translator.
  • AWJ - Programmer, Translator.
  • Tomato - although Tomato is not currently listed on the staff page (he's a freelance guy) he has been working in close collaboration with Dejap to get Bahamut Lagoon and Star Ocean done.

The team have worked exceedingly hard and produced a good few quality translations and as such are regarded as gods by much of the emulation scene.

Thanks to MightyMooQuack for reminding me to update this node.

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